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    Gender Selection Video
    Gender Selection explained by Dr. Gleicher
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    Gender Selection Center  
    Slow FDA decision affects Gender Selection in the U.S.
    (October 1st, 2010) New York, NY – Whether elective gender selection should be offered ...

Welcome to the Gender Selection Center

The Gender Selection Center is a division of the Center for Human Reproduction (CHR) in New York City, NY, and is a recognized leader in accurate gender determination prior to conception.

What is Gender Selection?

The dream of selecting a child's gender, be it female or male, has been with us forever. Kings divorced queens for not bearing male children; fairy tales reflect parental joy when, at last, blessed with a girl after many boys. Until relatively recently reliable gender was technically impossible.

This, however, changed radically when new technical developments in assisted reproductive technologies for the first time truly allowed us to affect the gender ratio. Probably the most important step was the development of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which allows for the investigation of each embryo (produced through in vitro fertilization, IVF) prior to insertion into the uterus. This technique has proven, by far, most accurate in predetermining gender. It allows for the determination of the chromosomal makeup of each embryo, and, therefore, determination whether the embryo is XX (female) or XY (male). Once that has been accomplished, only embryos of the desired gender are placed into the patient's uterus. The technique is by some also called preimplantation genetic screening (PGS).

Ever since development of PGD/PGS, demand for gender (sex) selection has been steadily increasing.

How can I learn more?

This website features a wealth of information about different treatment options for gender/sex selection. Some gender/sex selection options are not as effective as others, and many lack scientific backing. It is essential that you rely on trustworthy sources when deciding which method to use. Gender Selection Center, a division of Center for Human Reproduction, also offers FREE email consultations with our world renowned physicians. To contact a physician, please visit our Email Consultation page.

Gender Selection Treatment Types

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